The DON'T WAIT Project® TOUR 2019

I believe in the power of storytelling and how it helps connect us, and I've always been willing to share my story if it helps someone else better tell their own.

Follow the tour on Facebook and Instragram. We're searching for a story that speaks to YOU. Thank you, Town Toyota, for sponsoring the tour, along with support from Toyota National and nüCamp RV.


Welcome to The DON'T WAIT Project Tour 2019 blog. Read about the tour stops, watch video highlights and testimonials, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we travel 13 southern states in search of the DON'T WAIT stories that speak to YOU.

Dallas/austin TEXAS

MARCH 25-28, 2019
We're finding and sharing DON'T WAIT stories throughout the south. Our first leg of the tour takes place in Texas. Check out who we've met, where we've gone and how camping life is treating us.

We searching for the story that speaks to YOU. Keep watching! Follow the tour on Facebook and Instagram.

Arnaudville, Louisiana

MARCH 28-30, 2019

We're making our way through the southern states. Take a look at the Bayou Teche Brewery stop in Arnaudville, Louisiana. LIVE music, crawfish pizza and 160-mile bayou, plus stories from locals on this boon dock adventure before heading to Jackson, Mississippi.

DON'T WAIT Project Tour 2019- Week One

MARCH 25 - APRIL 1, 2019

Woke up feeling grateful for the past week and the people, places, things and ideas we've experienced along the way. I also woke up with a heavy heart, feeling the weight of our Birmingham, Alabama, stop approaching. Just wanted to share with ya'll what's on my heart. 

Thanks for all your ongoing support. I'm still searching for the story that speaks to YOUR heart.

DON'T WAIT Project Tour - Jackson, Mississippi

MARCH 31 - APRIL 2, 2019

For the next stop of The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour, we traveled to south Mississippi where we visited an urban farm in Jackson. Dr. Cindy Ayers does more than harvest produce on her 68-acre farm. She helps build healthy lives in her community. During our stay, we experienced much of what Jackson offers, including the food, live music and southern hospitality.

Follow the tour as we help share DON'T WAIT stories from the south. What's your DON'T WAIT?

DON'T WAIT Project Tour 2019 - Northern Mississippi

APRIL 2-4, 2019

We traveled to Northern Mississippi for part of 1 of 2 stops centered around National Organ Donation Month and an endearing friendship that began in an ICU waiting room 15 years ago.

Follow us along The DON'T WAIT Project Tour and find a story that speaks to YOUR heart.

DON'T WAIT Project Tour 2019 - Week Two

APRIL 1-8, 2019

Welcome to the wrap of week two along The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour. We met so many incredible people who shared their stories of organ transplant with the hope of bringing awareness to organ donation and the lives it impacts.

You can follow the tour on Facebook and Instagram. We're on to North Carolina, our sixth state of the tour. We've got some fabulous stories planned for you, so keep watching, and thanks for all your support.

DON'T WAIT Project Tour - Alabama

APRIL 4-7, 2019

I've gotta say, strength comes from allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable⏤emotionally, geographically, physically. Birmingham, Alabama, definitely is not my comfortable place, but I'm so glad I showed up. Take a look, and you'll experience some of the most amazing examples of people living DON'T WAIT lives⏤I promise.

Alabama is checked off our list of stops along The DON'T WAIT Project Tour. We're moving on to the remaining stops and searching for the story that helps light YOUR path.