Meet the DON'T WAIT Project board

Jerry Agee/Director


One word to describe Jerry:

Jerry is a world traveler, producer, real estate expert, and father of two children. He lost his wife to breast cancer while living a life of philanthropic and compassionate endeavors and now strives to be a positive daily example to his children.

Newton Moats/Director


One word to describe Newton:

Newton has worked as a valued and trusted employee in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. His life is built upon making memories with his family, diving to the depths of the sea and skiing fresh powder on the mountain.

Aaron Wilbur/Advisor


One word to describe Aaron:

Aaron graduated magna cum laude from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. She is a CPA member of Homchick, Smith & Associates, a proud mom of three children and instrumental in the fiscal management and growth of The DON'T WAIT Project®.

Vance Shaw/Advisor


One word to describe Vance:

Vance is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, a voyager of the sea, lover of the outdoors, and dedicated father of three children. Committed to his practice of jiu-jitsu, he earned his brown belt last fall.

Logan Smalley/Advisor


One word to describe Logan:

Logan earned his master's degree at Harvard University and is the director of TED-Ed and Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life⏤an award-winning film that tells the story of 11 young men who embark on a road trip with their friend Darius Weems, who lived large with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

Dr. Keith Wille/Advisor


One word to describe Dr. Wille:

Dr. Wille is the medical director of the Adult ECMO Program and Advanced Lung Diseases at University of Alabama School of Medicine. He is a tireless advocate for organ transplant and registry and is dedicated to comprehensive and compassionate patient care while respectfully navigating patient caregivers and families.

Lisa Bradshaw/Founder/Director

Lisa is a mother, storyteller, entrepreneur and philanthropist. A word to describe Lisa: DETERMINED.

One word to describe Lisa:

Lisa is a mother, author, producer and host of Life with Lisa Bradshaw⏤a television talk show. She believes in the power of storytelling, and as a cancer survivor and widowed mother by age 32, she has learned firsthand about living a DON'T WAIT life. She founded The DON'T WAIT Project to help bring people together through storytelling and to help teach her son that their lives could still have purpose⏤not in spite of losing his father but because of it.

Heather Urich/Honorary Director


One word to describe Heather:

Heather is well-known for her role as Louisa in the iconic film The Sound of Music. We knew her as a devoted board member who served as a director since its beginning. She and her late husband, Robert Urich, founded The Robert Urich Fundation⏤a non-profit organization committed to raising funds for cancer research and patient care. Heather lost her battle against cancer on December 24, 2017. We miss her valuable contribution to our board.