DON'T WAIT History Project

In every community, there are people who are part of history—soldiers who fought in wars, entrepreneurs during economic hardships, survivors of illness before there were cures, and husbands and wives who lost great love, only to find it a second time.

The DON'T WAIT History Project Exhibit, in partnership with community member Melissa Knott and Eastmont High School, utilized innovation and technology through in-depth interviews, photographs, video, print and social media to bridge the gap between youth and seniors when telling stories significant to the history of people in the Wenatchee Valley.

Each interview was conducted with the participation of local broadcast media and journalism students who were responsible for helping capture the stories on film—a unique opportunity for our youth to reach out and discover the stories of our local seniors.

The DON'T WAIT History Project Exhibit was on display at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center and Pybus Public Market throughout the spring of 2015. 

Take a look below at just a few videos from our interviews.

The DON'T WAIT History Project Exhibit

Through interviews, photos and home videos, you can produce your own family exhibit. When it's complete, you'll have a priceless archive of your family's history for generations to come. Whether you focus on one family member, a couple whose marriage and family has stood the test of time, or your entire family tree, DON'T WAIT to capture your family's history. It may be the most unique and cherished gift you can give them, and it sure beats gifting them slippers and a robe! If you need our help, contact The DON'T WAIT Project. 


The DON'T WAIT Project asked eight seniors the same eight questions about growing older and offering advice to today's youth when producing The DON'T WAIT History Project Exhibit.