We are committed to complying fully with the social distancing guidelines caused by COVID-19 and have postponed The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour 2020 until further notice.

Now more than ever, we look forward to the time when we can launch the tour and share stories of people living DON'T WAIT lives, no matter the obstacles.

Take a look below for Tour 2018 and 2019 highlights, photos and full episodes.




LAUNCH EPISODE: Pybus Market Launch Party

Join Lisa Bradshaw as she interviews special guests at the Pybus Public Market launch party before she embarks on The DON'T WAIT Project Tour across seven states over six-weeks. Special guests include Worx Gym owner Blair McHaney, Makspire Foundation founder Makenna Schwab, Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry co-owner Dr. Geoff Ping, community member and quilter Jill Therriaul and retired oncologist Dr. David Notter. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 1: Guitars, RVs and Starting Anew

On the first leg of The DON'T WAIT Project Tour, Bradshaw travels to Seattle Children's Hospital and interviews MakSpire Foundation founder Makenna Schwab, along with her medical team and foundation representatives. Makenna has helped raise more than $1,000,000 for Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation with the help from her good friend actor Chris Pratt. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 2: Healing from Family Mental Illness

The bravery of mother Kathryn Dunn when telling the story of her 21-year-old homeless son's mental illness shines through in this episode along The DON'T WAIT Project Tour. Filmed in Eugene, Oregon, her family talks candidly about how they manage the grief and stress that comes with mental illness in the family and how they still manage to find strength and hope in each other. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 3: Guitars, RVs and Starting Anew

Before the start of The DON'T WAIT Project Tour, Bradshaw Skypes with Travis Perry, inventor of The Chord Buddy, for a guitar lesson. With the skills she learns from their session, Bradshaw meets up with Valori and Christian Farrell, owners of YANTRA, where she fulfills one of her own DON'T WAITs and finds out more about their story. Watch as this couple tells of their decision to sell their home in Bend, Oregon, buy an RV and hit the road before starting anew in the small community of Weaverville, California. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 4: Philanthropic Efforts for California Veterans

Bradshaw travels to Redding and Sacramento, California, where she interviews people along The DON'T WAIT Project Tour. Watch how Sacramento is bringing shelter to homeless veterans while teaching local high school students trades that can help build their future and how one young man is honoring veterans throughout the country⏤one flag at a time. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 5: Fighting the Good Fight

Watch Life with Lisa Bradshaw and continue along The DON'T WAIT Project Tour. This week, visit the NOAH Center in Stanwood, Washington, where you'll meet Roman McConn, co-founder of Project Freedom Ride. Then travel to Vancouver, Washington, for the story of a young man who fought the good fight with only one goal in mind: surviving for his family. The tour continues this week and is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 6: Malibu, TV Stars and a Kung Pao Chicken Cookout

From the Malibu Beach RV Resort, Bradshaw films this stop of The DON'T WAIT Project Tour. Meet House of Cards actress Jayne Atkinson and Chicago Med actor Michel Gill. They tell us their empty nester DON'T WAIT story from their Airstream camper. Also meet the founders of HAS HEART and hear about their mission in support of veterans throughout their 50-state road trip. Then enjoy for a "delightful, delicious and delovely" meal when actress, author and food vlogger Christine Elise McCarthy cooks up a yummy vegan Kung Pao Chicken from the kitchen of Bradshaw's camper. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 7: Ziplines, Computer Crashes and "Chip and Joanna"

This week's episode follows The DON'T WAIT Project Tour on adventures from the Grand Canyon National Park to Moab, Utah, including Raven's Rim Zip Line Adventure, then Grand Junction, Colorado. Computer failure leads to a chance meeting outside Experimac just before Bradshaw's interview with the Chip and Joanna Gaines of Colorado when Joe and Heather Widdison share news of their own upcoming adventure as Household No. 6. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 8: One Man's Journey through the Forest

This week's stop of The DON'T WAIT Project Tour takes us to Park City, Utah, with backstory from California to Costa Rica. Meet Jerry Agee, a father, entrepreneur and philanthropist who found beauty in a fallen teak tree that he transformed into the art that has helped heal his heart and rebuild his life. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


EPISODE 9: The Final Stop Filled with Lessons in Hailey, Idaho

The final stop of The DON'T WAIT Project Tour shares highlights from Bradshaw's seven-state journey throughout the western states. This episode also takes us to Hailey, Idaho, where we meet Sa Bom Nim Whitcomb (AKA Oliver) of Sawtooth Martial Arts. He and his family share their commitment to martial arts, beginning with Oliver over 39 years ago. Also, tune in for a big announcement about next spring! The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.


If you have a DON'T WAIT story you'd like to share, please CONTACT US. If you live in the northern or northeastern area of the United States, your story could be selected for The DON'T WAIT Project Tour 2020. The tour is made possible by Town Toyota.